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01st Apr 2022

Baby P’s mother Tracey Connelly’s release being reviewed after major backlash

Kat O'Connor

She claims she is a changed woman.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Baby P’s mother was set for release from prison.

However, her release is now in question after major backlash from both the public and government officials.

Even her own family has advised against releasing her from prison.

One member asked, “When will these people learn evil is evil?”

They told The Sun, “Connelly gets chance after chance. She’s fooled them before and fooled them again.”

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has also called for her release to be blocked.

The Parole Board believes Ms. Connelly does not pose a threat to the public and has agreed she should be released in a matter of weeks.

But this decision is now being questioned after Mr. Raab spoke out against Connelly’s release.

It is believed that Mr. Raab is planning on asking the Parole Board to reconsider their decision.

He wants to ensure that “Britain’s most notorious offenders” are not freed from prison.

Raab has also vowed to do all he can to ensure her release is halted.

He told The Sun, “Releasing her was the wrong call then and it still is now.”

He also said releasing her would “undermine public confidence in the Parole Board and the whole criminal justice system”.

In August 2007, 17-month-old Peter Connelly was killed. He suffered over 50 injuries throughout an 8 month period.

Tracey Connelly

His mother Tracey Connelly, her partner Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen were all found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a child.

In 2009, she was jailed indefinitely for a minimum of 5 years.

She was released in 2013 but was sent back to prison when she was caught selling explicit photos of herself online.

Connelly has been refused release multiple times.

The 40-year-old claims she is a changed woman.