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01st Jun 2022

This is why you should not have balloons at your child’s birthday party

Kat O'Connor

“We heard a loud explosion”

Having balloons at a birthday party is a given, but one mum is urging parents to turn their back on the tradition.

The popular decorations may be a staple part of the celebration, but they’re not as safe as we once thought.

The mum explained that due to helium shortages many suppliers are now filling balloons with hydrogen.

They claim it is safe, but mum Tina said it actually increases the risk of balloons bursting.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the mum said her son’s birthday was ruined because of the balloons.

She told the publication that she purchased a balloon display for her son’s birthday.

“The balloon bouquet was nicely done and we were happy with the order.

Tina explained that her kids were playing with the decorations when she heard a “loud explosion”.

“My son took it with him to the bedroom … and suddenly we heard a LOUD explosion and the force rocked our house.”

“We even saw a bit of spark/fire along with the boom. We rushed to check on him and bits of balloons were everywhere.

“Some got stuck on the ceiling and some melted on the floor tiles.”

She said her son was lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured after the incident. He suffered a burn mark on his arm.

Tina said the supplier filled the balloon with hydrogen instead of helium.

They also forgot to put a warning label on the balloons.

“Friction could have triggered the explosion plus the leaking of oxygen/hydrogen.

“No need for a spark or flame. It’s a ticking time bomb if enough friction is made,” she said.

Tina has urged other parents not to let children play with balloons because they don’t know what gas was used to inflate them.