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12th Oct 2017

Batten down the hatches! The tail end of a hurricane is set to hit Ireland

Take care.

Laura Holland

Take care.

Ireland is set to be faced with 120km/h winds early next week as Hurricane Ophelia makes its way towards us.

The forecast for the start of next week isn’t looking good with Met Eireann saying it will be stormy on Monday. They’ve said:

 “A stormy day for Monday is possible, but uncertainty on the detail remains, due to the nature of the track of the Atlantic storm system. The situation will be monitored throughout the weekend but at the moment it looks like it will be a windy day with further spells of rain.”

Liz Walsh, from Met Eireann, also spoke to The Independent adding:

“It is coming towards Ireland, basically the hurricane is south-west of the Azores right now and it is tracking towards Portugal.

As it comes north over the weekend it will change into an extra-tropical cyclone and it is tracking towards Ireland and the UK.

At the moment the track is very uncertain and it is therefore quite difficult to decipher where the strongest winds will be.

It does look like it will hit Ireland on Monday, heading into Tuesday will be very stormy days.”