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30th Apr 2018

The ‘Beauty from the East’ is coming… but it brings good and bad news

SPF at the ready…

After weeks of fairly temperamental weather forecasts, finally a bit of good news… a bit.

Ireland is set to enjoy the results of a mini heatwave this week as east sends us some good weather for once.

While we can expect a sprinkling of rain throughout the early stages of the week, as we move closer to the weekend things are looking up.

Today’s forecast reads similar to that for Tuesday and Wednesday as a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers can be expected. With temperatures ranging from 9 to 13 degrees over the coming days, it’s not the worst forecast we’ve seen in recent weeks.

However, from Thursday it is looking like somewhat of a turning point as “a warm front will move up over Ireland on Thursday bringing in milder weather for the rest of the week and over the weekend.”

Yes, according to Met Eireann, while there will still be an expectation for scattered showers, the temperatures are expected to read into the high teens.

“Rather cloudy overall with possibly some mist and drizzle on Atlantic coasts,” reads the weekend’s forecast.

“But some bright weather too, best in the east of the country and to the lee of high ground.

“Temperatures will be in the mid-teens, and into the high teens in sunny areas.”

Not exactly the summer weather we were hoping for but we’ll take it!