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20th Jan 2022

Ben Foden’s wife Jackie claims it is “not possible” for him to cheat on her

Kat O'Connor

“It’s not a possibility with us”

Ben Foden’s wife Jackie says she is not worried about him cheating on her, despite his history.

The couple tied the knot on the same day Foden’s divorce from Una Healy was finalised.

Ben and Jackie had only been dating for a short time.

Speaking to OK! she admitted she isn’t concerned about her husband.

Jackie admitted she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of Foden.

“It makes me feel awful when people don’t know how awesome he is,” she told the publication.

The rugby star is part of this year’s Dancing On Ice, but Jackie isn’t worried about him cheating on her with his professional partner.

“I don’t have any worries. We’re very much the same person and on the same track.”

Ben quipped, “If you were to put an affair into the mix with all the training, it would be exhausting!”

Jackie joked that if Ben did cheat on her that it would be “hysterical to see the downpour of fire and rain that comes down upon him”.

She said Ben cheating on her simply isn’t a possibility.

“From day one he’s never made me feel paranoid or insecure. He’s not once worried me.

“I think you just know, deep down, when that could happen and it’s not a possibility with us, so I’m not concerned.”

Foden has recently spoken out about the breakdown of his marriage to singer Una Healy.

He admitted it was selfish of him to remarry so quickly after.

The sportsman said, “What I did was very selfish in regards to Una. I think it was a shock to her, me getting married so quickly.”

He explained that he had actually been separated from Una for a year and a half before it was made public.