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26th Mar 2019

This is the best time of the week to send a job application according to new research

Looking for a new role?

Denise Curtin

Think you can fire off your CV at any time?

Well, think again.

We spend endless hours crafting the perfect résumé, making sure we tick every box, sound motivated but not too cocky, eager but not too desperate so, the last thing we want is for all those efforts to go to waste simply because we hit send at the wrong time.

No, we really don’t want that.

And according to a new study carried out by Job Today, there’s actually an “optimum time” to bang out a CV and it’s on a Wednesday at 9am.

So, how did they come up with this? Well, they looked at when the majority of job adverts were posted and then, they looked at how quickly employers responded to the applications they received.

And from their findings, they discovered that 17 percent of employers post jobs on a Wednesday, and 47 percent of job applicants are invited for an interview within 24 hours of sending their application.

Thus, the site believes that the earlier you get in there on a Wednesday, the higher your chances of being noticed are.

Speaking to Grazia, co-founder of Job Today commented saying:

“I would always recommend being enthusiastic and start early in the day to look for a role. Our insight shows that by lunchtime on Wednesday employers will start to receive a flurry of applications so get in there first and get noticed.”

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Now, away you go, you employable thing.