My friend called me out over the bikini I bought for my daughter- does she have a point? 1 year ago

My friend called me out over the bikini I bought for my daughter- does she have a point?

"She thought it was completely inappropriate"

There are swimsuits and bikinis in Penneys which means summer is just around the corner.

A lot of families are set to jet off for their first post-Covid summer holiday and it's safe to say people are feeling rather excited about it.

One mum explained that she has already started shopping for her upcoming summer adventure.

However, one of her recent purchases has been hit with backlash.

She explained that she was picking a couple of items up for her daughter, who is 8-years-old when her friend called her out.

"We are going away this summer, I have started buying bits for our holiday. Out with a friend shopping who has a daughter a year older than my DD8."

"I picked up a cute little two-piece swimwear for my daughter. She thought it was completely inappropriate and was shocked that I would even consider putting her in one."


The mum asked was it wrong to buy a bikini for her 8-year-old?

Or is her friend being unreasonable?

Many mums agreed that a two-piece is easier, especially if your child needs to go to the toilet.

One said, "I wouldn't put them in a tiny scrappy triangle bikini, but a two-piece is much easier to toileting."

Another added, "My daughter wore tankinis at that age and still prefers them to a full swimsuit, as do I."

"For what it's worth my 7yo niece was pictured on Facebook in one last summer and I felt uncomfortable seeing it. It felt like she was trying to emulate older girls in terms of the style of bikini and pose."

What do you think? Is 8 too young for a bikini or is it alright once the child is happy wearing it?