I kicked my daughter's friend out of her birthday party- was I wrong? 4 months ago

I kicked my daughter's friend out of her birthday party- was I wrong?

A mum is feeling conflicted after she asked her daughter's friend to leave her birthday party.

She explained that the girl often misbehaves and is spoiled by her mother.

Her daughter's friend Quinn was attending her little girl's 10th birthday party when she kicked off.

The mum told Reddit that Quinn was angry because the spotlight wasn't on her. During the birthday party, she started to have a tantrum because she didn't get any presents. She said it wasn't fair that the birthday girl was getting everything, but her mum failed to say anything to her.

She said that she doesn't like the girl's mum Liz "because she spoils Quinn to the point that she is impossible to discipline, she doesn’t listen and is very self-centered."

"Quinn is so spoiled that she throws tantrums whenever the attention isn’t on her."

The mum's prediction came true and Quinn kicked off at the party.


"Quinn threw a full-blown tantrum when she saw Alicia opening all her presents from her family and friends. She screamed about wanting one of Alicia’s gifts and how it wasn’t fair how she was “getting everything”. It was so embarrassing because even people outside of our party room heard."

After her outburst, the mum turned to Liz and said she needs to remove her daughter from the party.

"I told Liz that she needed to take her daughter home because she was making Alicia’s party about her meltdowns. I said that Quinn obviously didn’t want to be there because the day wasn’t about her."

The mum felt like it made sense for them to leave the party, but Quinn's mother said she would try to calm her daughter down.

"But I wouldn’t even let her speak. I demanded that she leave and went out to watch my daughter play."

Was the mum in the wrong or would you do the same?