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08th Nov 2022

My daughter doesn’t want her “embarrassing” grandparents at her birthday- what should I do?

Kat O'Connor

She isn’t happy with her birthday guest list

Trying to decide who to invite to your child’s birthday is no easy task.

Planning your wedding guest list feels like nothing compared to it.

One mum has opened up about the family dilemma she’s facing after her daughter admitted she didn’t want two very special members at their birthday.

To celebrate her 7th birthday, the mum decided to host a birthday party for her and her school friends.

The little girl was not happy with the guest list.

The mum shared, “I showed my 6-year-old the list of people coming to her birthday party as well as her school friends, which includes her grandparents (my parents.)”

The little girl admitted she didn’t want her grandparents there.

“She started getting agitated and asked if they “could be put in a different room?” Historically my parents have been very involved with my DC, very loving, very hands-on, and love them to death and vice versa.”

The mum revealed, “I asked her why she did not want them there and she said, “they’re just embarrassing and old.” I feel quite hurt.”


The mum hopes this is just a phase her daughter is going through.

Many users recommended hosting two parties- one for friends and another for family members.

Others said the mum shouldn’t entertain her daughter’s request and should just let her grandparents come to the party. She will regret missing out on valuable time with them when she’s older.

One said, “Ask them to come earlier because lots of excited 7-year-olds is my idea of hell.”

“I’m sorry your daughter is acting spoiled. Have a frank conservation that they are coming, end of,” one mum stressed.

What would you do if you were in this mum’s shoes?