My mum died on my birthday and my dad won't let me celebrate it 6 months ago

My mum died on my birthday and my dad won't let me celebrate it

How would you feel if this was you?

Is it wrong to celebrate your birthday on someone's anniversary?

One woman is feeling conflicted about her birthday because it is also the day her mother died.

Writing on Reddit, the woman explained that she feels like she can never properly celebrate her birthday without feeling guilty.

"My mum died in childbirth to me when my older brothers were 6 and 8.

"Our entire childhood was more or less mourning for her which I was not allowed to be involved in.

"My birthday was not allowed to be celebrated or talked about under any circumstances.

"I never got anything for them."


"When I got older and understood that most people had a mum and I didn’t, it upset me a lot," she said.

The woman revealed that her father said she didn't deserve to miss her mother because she never met her.

She turned 18 this year and celebrated with her friends, but was hit with backlash when she posted about it online.

She said, "I was instantly flooded with messages from my family telling me that I shouldn’t celebrate my birthday.

"They also told me that all my family was at my mum's grave and that I should’ve been there."

Is she being unfair or does she have a right to celebrate despite it falling on such a heartbreaking day?