Parents urged not to have blackout blinds in children's bedrooms 6 months ago

Parents urged not to have blackout blinds in children's bedrooms

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Parents have been warned against having blackout blinds in their children's bedrooms. They may have come in handy during the heatwave, but they're not as safe as we may think.

Experts are now urging parents to be careful when installing the popular blinds because they can actually cause windows to crack.

Speaking to RSVP, one expert said: "Dark colours absorb heat, so if you have a dark blind that's going to cause your window to heat up."

The spokesperson for However Expert Windows said leaving your blackout blinds down all day is not safe.

"It depends on the type of window that you have, and the age of the window. But if you have a PVC window frame, PVC can expand so you could get cracks in the glass."


They may keep rooms cool and help the kids sleep during the long summer nights, but they can cause the glass to break, which is the last thing you want around a child.

Parents have been told to be cautious of how long they're using the blinds, especially on hot, summer days.

If you want to keep a room cold when temperatures are high then consider closing curtains throughout the day.

You should also keep windows open to let cool air in during the night.

Experts have suggested placing cool water or ice in front of a fan.