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15th Oct 2017

Blake Lively challenges Jimmy Fallon to a dance battle and it’s comical

Those moves...

Denise Curtin

We are in stitches at these two.

Another Tonight Show, another epic dance battle. This week, actress Blake Lively took on Jimmy Fallon in the best dance-off of all time and of course the 30-year-old blonde bombshell rocked it.

Dancing to hilarious made up moves such as the “ballerina who keeps dropping marbles” and “catching the bouquet” the two owned the show with their hilarious improvisation.

Ending their performance with the “riverdancing Frankenstein, it was clear that Blake was going to take the crown.

And it looks like fans loved it too, tweeting during the show people were in knots laughing at the pair.

You can check out the epic battle below…

We love it!