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30th Mar 2023

Bláthnaid Treacy asks mums to stop sharing scary birth stories with her

Kat O'Connor

“It’s incredibly daunting being pregnant”

Bláthnaid Treacy has urged mums to stop sharing horror stories with mums-to-be. They may feel like they’re helping by warning pregnant people but it only makes things harder for them.

The presenter said she has just entered her third trimester and everything is wonderful, but she has been struggling with some people’s ‘advice’.

“Some people who have experienced pregnancy, birth, and having children can be incredibly negative and can share all the scary stuff.”

Bláthnaid said being pregnant is wonderful but it can be an incredibly overwhelming time, especially for first-time mums.

“It’s incredibly daunting being pregnant,” Bláthnaid said.

“It’s so unhelpful when you give negative stories and say how horrific childbirth is and how your life is over,” she said.

The mum-to-be continued, “It’s actually so incredibly insensitive. Maybe you should think before you speak.”


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The radio DJ said people should think before giving advice and maybe wait for pregnant people to ask questions.

She stressed, “Unsolicited advice is so unhelpful.”

“Please be really sound to pregnant women because it’s really hard work growing a person,” Bláthnaid added.

She then went on to share a list of things not to say to a pregnant person which included quizzing them about their birth plan, telling them to get an epidural, and passing snide remarks about clothes that won’t fit them in the future.

We couldn’t agree with Bláthnaid more. Being pregnant is an incredible thing, but having unsolicited advice thrown at you makes it feel even more daunting than it already is.

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