Public urged to report bonfires stockpiles ahead of Halloween 3 months ago

Public urged to report bonfires stockpiles ahead of Halloween

The public should report stockpiles to their local council.

Dublin Fire Brigade has urged the public to report bonfire stockpiling ahead of Halloween.

The team at Dublin Fire Brigade is reminding the public of just how dangerous illegal bonfires are.

Over the weekend, the team was called to a fire in Dublin city. They managed to put the blaze out but found 'hidden dangers' in the fire.

They tweeted, "Firefighters from HQ have extinguished a bonfire set on a green area in the City Centre.

"These types of fires can contain hidden dangers. In this case, a pressurized hair spray can, which can explode dangerously causing injury."

People have been asked to contact their local council if they spot bonfire stockpiles in their local area.

Dublin Fire Brigade explained that these fires can get out of control extremely quickly.

"We want everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween Stockpiles can be set on fire which can spread quickly


"If you see any in your area please call the numbers below. Your local authority will collect them free of charge."

They have also asked the public to stay away from illegal bonfires this Halloween.

Illegal bonfires often contain harmful items like car tires, oil, and gas cylinders.

The smoke from the fire can also cause health issues, especially for those with breathing problems like asthma and COPD.

They also have a higher chance of collapsing. They can also cause children's costumes to go on fire which can cause extreme burns and life-changing injuries.

You can view the full list of contact numbers below;