My boss called me out for carrying a sanitary towel to office bathroom- is she wrong? 1 year ago

My boss called me out for carrying a sanitary towel to office bathroom- is she wrong?

Just when we thought we were making some progress...

Repeat after me- periods are normal.

Women should not be shamed for having periods or embarrassed about them.

However, it seems like some people did not get the memo.

One woman has revealed that her boss called her out for carrying a sanitary towel to the office bathroom.

Periods are normal. They're not some disgusting, shameful thing we should hide.

The woman's boss told her she shouldn't be carrying the pad around for all to see, but what harm is she doing?

She told Mumsnet, "This afternoon my manager call me into her office. Apparently, a couple of people have spoken to her because I sometimes walk to the office toilets carrying a sanitary towel and it’s making them uncomfortable.


"She has suggested I take my bag with me instead.

"I thought times had moved on and I refuse to be made to feel ashamed of my period.

"I think the people who have complained are being ridiculous and need to get over it."

Unsurprisingly, most people agreed with the woman and said the people who made complaints are ridiculous.

One said, "People are uncomfortable with you being a woman? That's insane. I can't believe the manager gave them the time of day."

Another said, "Your manager never should have even spoken to you about this, what misogynistic nonsense. Are packs of tissues banned in your office?"

"I’d be highly tempted to sew myself a fringed flapper dress with the fringe made entirely of tampons, and shimmy across the office in it, clapping mooncups together like coconuts," one quipped.

We also support this idea.

"It’s not exactly shocking that women get their periods and need to change their sanitary wear. Talk about dark ages stuff!" another shared.

It's 2022, women shouldn't be shamed for having their period.