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25th Feb 2022

Was it wrong of me not to tell my employers I was pregnant?

Kat O'Connor

One expectant-mum didn’t tell her employer she was pregnant when they offered her a role.

She explained that she wanted to avoid being discriminated against. It was also very early in her pregnancy so she felt it was too soon to disclose it.

But was she wrong?

She explained to Reddit that her family’s reaction has made her doubt her decision.

“I recently found out I was pregnant. Only two weeks later, I got a job offer, which I accepted.

“But I didn’t say anything about my pregnancy as it’s so early.”

She explained that she was so worried about being discriminated against and didn’t want to lose the job.

“I’ve also heard of employers discriminating against pregnant workers by not hiring them, and I wanted to avoid that.”

One of the woman’s family members asked her if she told her new boss about being pregnant. They were less than impressed and even gave her a disapproving look when she said she didn’t.

They claimed she “shouldn’t have lied about it”.

But did she really lie?

If her pregnancy was so early then legally she doesn’t have to tell her employer, right?

Plus, women face enough discrimination in workplaces as it is. Many Reddit users empathised with the mum-to-be and said she was only looking out for herself.

“I didn’t say anything, but I don’t think I’m in the wrong.

She shared: “My goal is to protect myself and the baby’s wellbeing and having a job with maternity leave and a guarantee of work when I return will help me.”

One user told her, “Most women tend to hide it because they know it’s risking not getting a job. I don’t actually know of a pregnant woman that didn’t hide it unless they were visibly showing to give themselves a better chance.”

Do you agree?