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22nd Jun 2017

10 year old invents device to stop babies dying in hot cars

Say hello to the Oasis.

Anna O'Rourke

He’s hoping it’ll save lives.

A boy in the US has come up with an invention to prevent babies from dying in hot cars.

Ten-year-old Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas worked to create the ‘Oasis’ after a baby in his neighbourhood died of heatstroke, he told Fox News.

“When a baby named Fern died down the street, I came up with the idea because it was on the news and everything.”

The Oasis is a small box with a sensor that prompts air ducts to blow cool air when it gets too warm. It also has an antenna to alert authorities and the baby’s parents.

Bishop intends for the device to be attached either to baby car seats or to the back of the driver or passenger seat in a car.

He’s been helped to develop his invention with a GoFundMe campaign which has raised over $20,000 so far.

The Curry family has submitted a patent for the device and says a number of manufacturers are lined up to help Bishop bring the product to market.

An average of 37 children die from heatstroke after sitting in a hot car each year in the US, according to a study at San Jose State University.