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13th Oct 2015

BREAKING: Families the biggest winners in #Budget2016

Trine Jensen-Burke

Looking at the budget Minister for Finance Michael Noonan just presented the nation with, it would be fair to say that overall, young Irish families were the cautious winners this time around.

Several measures that will be much welcomed by cash-strapped Irish parents were introduced for next year’s budget. These included:

1. The introduction of free GP care to all children under 12 years of age. This is a much awaited follow-on from the introduction of free GP care for under-6s this year, and although awaited, is now being fast-tracked due to the successful introduction of the first phase of the scheme.

2. Child benefit will increase by €5 per month, taking the payment from €135 to €140 per month per child.

3. Two weeks paternity leave will be introduced from September next year.

4. Children between the age of three and five will be entitled to free pre-school education until they reach primary school age.

Here are some visual break-downs by Department of Finance of how the budget will affect YOU:



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