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20th Mar 2023

Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian considering legal action over trolls

Kat O'Connor

“We need to take legal action”

Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian are considering taking legal action over the online abuse they have been facing.

The parents have been subjected to intense abuse online, but Arthur said the majority of people have been supportive.

However, some trolls have gone too far.

He told the Sunday World that they are seeking legal advice after one disturbing comment.

He told the publication that some of the trolling is just pure evil.

“It’s disgusting. It’s evil.”

Arthur continued, “It’s homophobia… some people think being gay it’s a sin to have a family.”

“There’s a really bad comment… saying we are pedophiles grooming our child. I have the message screen grabbed.

“When you read that comment, we need to take legal action because that’s beyond… you’re calling me a pedophile on a public platform.”

Brian Dowling

Arthur added, “We are in talks to see what kind of legal action we can take.”

He said the public has been incredibly supportive since their daughter Blake was born.

The dads were praised for being so open about their surrogacy journey.

The dads opened up about their journey to parenthood in the emotional RTÉ documentary ‘Brian & Arthur’s Very Modern Family’.

The documentary followed Brian, Arthur, and Brian’s sister Aoife, who was the couple’s surrogate.

Viewers were fighting back the tears as they watched the dads struggle with Ireland’s surrogacy laws. But the documentary was also full of joyous moments, including the moment they saw their baby’s face on an ultrasound.

Blake was born on Thursday, September 1st at the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin.

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