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01st Jul 2024

Brian Dowling praises sister Aoife for being his surrogate

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling thanked his sister for protecting their baby girl

Presenter Brian Dowling has penned quite a moving tribute to his dear sister Aoife after she acted as a surrogate for Brian and his husband Arthur.

The dad-of-two welcomed his second child into the world last month and thanked Aoife for making their dream a reality.

Alongside a series of photos from the day his baby girl was born, Brian praised Aoife for being a rockstar during labour.

“One week ago today, this ROCKSTAR went into labour & changed our lives forever again.

“A little sooner than we expected, but Blu was READY. For nine months, you protected our baby girl & kept her safe & happy until she was in our arms on June 23rd!

“In these situations, as I’ve said before, words never seem to be enough as they never really genuinely convey our thanks, our love, and the amount of respect we have for you, Aoife,” Brian gushed.

He described his sister as one in a million.

He said the relationship Aoife has with his daughter Blake is both unique and beautiful.

Brian added, “Blu will be BLESSED to have you in her life.”

The presenter added that they’re all so blessed to have Aoife in their lives.

He quipped, “Now like I said to you yesterday, let’s get you on Tinder.”

Aoife gave birth to Brian and Arthur’s daughter Blu in June. She was also their surrogate for daughter Blake in September 2022.