Brian Dowling confirms his sister is the surrogate for his and Arthur's baby 1 year ago

Brian Dowling confirms his sister is the surrogate for his and Arthur's baby

Brian and Arthur are expecting their first child together.

Brian Dowling has praised his sister Aoife for being the surrogate for his baby.

The presenter is expecting his first child with husband Arthur Gourounlian.

The couple confirmed their news on Friday, but Brian has since opened up more about their pregnancy journey.

The dad-to-be confirmed his sister is their surrogate.

He praised his sister Aoife for making their dream a reality.

"Not only is this my BEAUTIFUL sister Aoife, but she is also our INCREDIBLE Surrogate."

"From our very first conversation about this back in 2019 to where we are now is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING."


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Brian said his sister has gone "above and beyond" for him and his husband Arthur.

He said she has stayed positive through all the mental and physical ups and downs.

"From ultrasounds and ovulation tests to numerous conversations about your cycle to those 4 positive pregnancy tests we took where the 3 of us hugged & cried with happiness & excitement.

"We have been through every step of this together reassuring each other along the way that everything will be fine once we stick together."

The 43-year-old said his sister is an inspiration for what she is doing.

"You are literally giving us the gift of life," he gushed.

Brian confirmed both his sister and baby are doing brilliantly.

"To you Aoife & our wonderful egg donor none of this would be possible without you both. From the bottom of our hearts thank you."

Brian and Arthur are set to welcome their first child together later this year.