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14th Sep 2022

Brian Dowling calls out troll who said his daughter “wants her mother”

Kat O'Connor

The dad called out one vile message in particular.

Brian Dowling has called out a troll who said his daughter “wants her mother”.

The dad and his husband Arthur Gouronlian welcomed their daughter Blake together earlier this month, but trolls have been sending the new parents “vile” messages ever since.

Brian slammed one troll who responded to a video of his daughter crying.

In the clip, Brian can be heard saying, “Oh no, no what’s wrong with baby Blake. Oh no, is she overtired? Is the baby overtired?”

A troll replied to the message and said, “She wants her mother.”

Brian called out the horrific message and said the trolls make him both sad and furious.

“Messages like this make me sad but also so very angry,” the dad wrote.

He continued, “Arthur and I get messages like this rather often. I’m not sure if the people sending them are IGNORANT or just plain VILE.”

Shouldn’t people focus on the fact that Blake has two loving fathers and a loving home to grow up in?

Brian has shown nothing but love, devotion, and care for his little girl since she was born on September 1st.

The dad has documented his journey to fatherhood and it’s obvious that he is going to be an incredible parent.

Just recently he shared a post reflecting on his first ten days of parenthood.

Alongside photos of the doting dad holding his daughter, Brian wrote: “We are now 10 days in and I’m feeling so much more relaxed & confident.

“I find myself sometimes just looking at her beautiful little face and smiling. I can already tell that Blake is a determinant little girl & each day we see more of her personality.”

Can the trolls just step away and let this beautiful family raise their daughter in peace?