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12th Jan 2023

“I’ve been called a perverted creep”: Brian Dowling calls for end to outrageous trolling

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling with husband Arthur and baby Blake

Brian Dowling said the trolling has gone too far.

Brian Dowling has spoken out about the bullying he has faced since welcoming his daughter Blake.

The dad revealed he has been receiving “absolutely outrageous” messages from trolls since Blake was born. Brian said he expects negative comments because of his job, but the level of trolling has reached a concerning point.

Brian wrote, “Sadly in this day and age, and at the age of 44, I expect negative/nasty comments when doing the job I do. This may seem a bit odd to someone who is not doing the same job as me. I 100% choose to be in this industry & openly share my life here on Instagram.”

“A vile digital footprint of hate and homophobia”

Brian explained that the nasty comments have gotten out of hand. He said he can handle people making quips about his appearance or about his job, but some of the names he has been called recently are a step too far.

“I can handle comments saying I’m a shit tv host, saying I’ve ruined my face with botox and comments regarding my fake accent. I can easily laugh all those off as we all know I have a FABULOUS Kildare accent.”

“But recently, to be called a child trafficker, a perverted creep, womb rapist, accusing me of incest is a step too far,” Brian shared.

“To the fools who are leaving these messages, do they not realise they are leaving a vile digital footprint of hate and homophobia?” Brian asked.

Brian said one of the worst things about it is knowing the people are also parents.

Since becoming a dad, I must call out all forms of hate and encourage my daughter to be the best person she can be.”

The presenter said he’s relieved to see the new series of Love Island has decided against the islanders having social media during the show.

“Do they not realise they are leaving a vile digital footprint of hate and homophobia?”

“All contestants have been asked to disable all their social media while on the show. This is to prevent trolling and bullying.”

Brian said he’s lucky there was no social media around when he first appeared on Big Brother.

Brian said this was a blessing for him because reality stars are now targeted by trolls 24/7.

Fans praised the dad for speaking out against the trolls. Many agreed that people who send such harmful messages should be banned from social media platforms.

Others encouraged Brian to report the people who have been targeting him.

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