Bride asked guest to leave the wedding celebrations because her outfit was 'too white' 3 years ago

Bride asked guest to leave the wedding celebrations because her outfit was 'too white'

CAN you imagine?!

Well, this is extreme and the poor wedding guest must have felt extremely out of place after such an encounter with the bride.

Wedding groups are becoming increasingly popular and people have been known to share the good, bad and the really rather ugly.

In a Reddit post shared recently, one guest's experience has gone viral after she shared what happened to her at a recent wedding.

Featured on numerous wedding websites, the bride reportedly asked the woman in question to leave because her outfit was "too white". Yes, really.

Explaining how her patterned dress featured white, the guest explained that she was asked to leave the wedding party by her new sister-in-law.


She was wearing a tropical print dress and it seems that her brother-in-law's wife (the just married bride) freaked out after she noticed that it was "maybe 5% white".



An excerpt from the thread reads:

"BIL comes up to me looking mortified. He asks me if I have anything to change into. At first, I’m confused, then I see Ashley staring daggers at me".

It gets worse too for Ashley, the bride, said that either the guest could change into a dress belonging to Ashley's mum or she could leave.

Understandably, she was so upset by the situation that she decided she had enough and at that stage, the bride's husband apologised and asked her to stay.

Judging by the thread, the guest and her brother-in-law had always got on quite well and Ashley didn't take too kindly to this.

Still, that behaviour is way out of line and we can only imagine how embarrassing it must have been on the day!

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