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25th Apr 2019

Bride left in tears on her wedding day after guest makes this massive mistake

What a disaster.

Denise Curtin

Oh dear.

“War broke out” at a wedding recently when one hungry guest made an easy but massive mistake.

According to a user on Mumsnet who decided to remain anonymous – she told the story of a wedding she recently attended and you just won’t believe what happened.

Explaining that the wedding was running smoothly until the reception, the user explained that all hell broke loose when the bride and groom arrived at the reception at 7pm, with their cake cutting scheduled for 8pm, to find out the cake had already been cut.

“Cake in question was a three-tiered cake made of different cheeses. Surrounded by grapes and crackers/biscuits. No little bride and groom on top.

“An absolute war broke out about it. Half the people saying well, how were they supposed to know it was the cake, other half saying it was pretty obvious.”

The cake, which one “hungry guest” obviously thought was a reception snack ended up causing pandemonium, leaving the bride in floods of tears.

An easy mistake but one that caused serious debate on the bride’s special day, leaving her in tears with disgruntled guests.

And the reaction on Mumsnet was just as varied as the guests in attendance. Some believed it shouldn’t be a big deal writing:

“Easy mistake to make. Without B&G on top it’s just a stack of cheese with crackers around it.”

“Still, not worth ruining your makeup.”

While others agreed with the bride’s reaction…

“What a joke! I’d have been fuming, the poor girl!”

Not an ideal situation at all.