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23rd Jul 2019

Bride-to-be sells house to pay for ‘perfect’ engagement ring

Cathy Donohue

The quest for the perfect engagement ring.

It’s often described as the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever wear and considering there’s so much choice, we imagine it’s pretty difficult to narrow it down to just one.

Of course, everyone has different taste and what’s right for one person won’t work for someone else which is important to remember if you find yourself in that situation.

One particular bride-to-be is going viral at the moment because of the lengths she went to in order to get her ideal ring.

The lady in question shared photos of her ring to a Facebook group and said that she sold her house to get a custom-designed ring.

The engagement ring, which you can see here, features a purple diamond and when sharing her post, the bride advised that people criticising her ring should “look it up”.

engagement ring

She wrote:

“Love my ring but shame away. To get ahead of the comments, YES it is REAL and custom-designed.

“We sold our house to get the perfect ring. It’s a purple diamond, look it up!

Unsurprisingly, people have criticised the decision made by her and her partner to sacrifice their home for the sake of the ring.

Others commented on the style of the jewel too, saying that it looked like part of a “fairy dress-up costume” and that the entire situation has to be a “joke”.

People are entitled to their opinions but they could come across as very hurtful all the same.

On the other end of the scale, in comparison to this massively expensive ring, we recently found out about the bride who managed to get her wedding dress for just €40.