Bride slammed for admitting why she doesn't want fiancé's daughter at their wedding 1 year ago

Bride slammed for admitting why she doesn't want fiancé's daughter at their wedding

"I’m not trying to be the evil stepmother or anything, but..."

A bride-to-be has been slammed for admitting she doesn't want her fiancé's daughter there on their big day.

Taking to Reddit's Am I The Asshole? forum, the woman explained that she and her fiancé had recently gotten engaged and were starting the wedding planning process.

However, her husband-to-be has a 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, whom they don't see often - and the two of them do not get on.

"She really does not like me, we don’t get on no matter how hard I try with her. But it is what it is and hopefully one day it will get better," the woman wrote.

She explained that while she's "not trying to be the evil stepmother or anything," she wants to ask her fiancé about the idea of not having his daughter at the wedding as she's worried the girl will ruin the day.

"I was thinking of saying to my fiancé that we should make it an adult only wedding," she continued.

The woman didn't get much support from the other Reddit users, who pointed out that excluding the girl from the wedding would definitely not be the way to mend their relationship.

Others pointed out that while they can still have an 'adults only' wedding, her future stepdaughter should still absolutely be a part of the festivities.

Oen person said:

"You’re going to be her f*cking stepmother and you want to start that relationship by excluding her?"

Someone else wrote:

"She’s the child, you’re the adult. She’s scared that you might replace her in her dad’s life, and you want to completely validate her fears by excluding her from the wedding?

"It’s your job to keep making overtures and keep trying to include her until she’s ready and able to accept you."

Another added:

"That’s awful. I’ve been to many adult only weddings where the exception was the bride and groom."