Bride tells bizarre story of how a random man proposed to his girlfriend at her wedding 3 years ago

Bride tells bizarre story of how a random man proposed to his girlfriend at her wedding

Sorry, what now?

Weddings can be great occasions full of love and laughter - and while the lead up can be quite stressful, the day is generally full of happiness.

However, this one bride took to Reddit to share her total shock when a random man proposed to his girlfriend during her wedding.

The bride explains that she was in the middle of cutting her cake when the man just hopped in front of the crowds and asked the big question.

She wrote:

"We were cutting the cake, so everyone had been ushered in and the photographers were going crazy, telling us to pose, how to cut it, etc.

"Pivotal moment in the reception, front and centre stage. All of bridesmaids and groomsmen were around. Everyone was watching. And this guy jumped in the space between the wedding party and everyone else and proposed to his girlfriend," she explains.

The bride then went on to say how they barely knew the newly engaged couple and only met the man earlier that day.

"She was a former colleague of my husband and I had only met her the day before. She is not a super close friend of us as a couple or my husband individually. And we had never met that guy before. He met us at our wedding reception.

"Was this his plan the whole time? What if he had hated the venue or something? What if they hadn’t had a good time? Why didn’t he just plan something on his own, at least buy her a dinner instead of eating and drinking on us? The whole thing is so cringe."


Cringe, indeed. Many replied to the thread saying they would be so angry if it happened to them.

One user said:

"I would be livid if anyone I actually knew did that at my wedding, but a STRANGER? Like fuck???"

While another wrote:

"I don’t even know what to say to this. It’s rude in any circumstance, but at an important moment diverting attention from the new couple? That’s bizarre. What’s cringe to me is that this obviously wasn’t a crowd of their friends and family. Like, not only are you ruining the moment, but who the hell are you?"

Truly and utterly bizarre.