Bride-to-be debates quitting her job after boss refuses to give her time off for her own wedding 11 months ago

Bride-to-be debates quitting her job after boss refuses to give her time off for her own wedding

A bride-to-be has told how she is being forced to quit her job after her boss wouldn't give her time to attend her own wedding.

The boss claimed the reason behind the decision was that she had booked a holiday herself.

The bride took to Mumsnet for advice on what to do, explaining that she had recently started a part time job - but told HR about her upcoming wedding and honeymoon as she sent back her contract.

She recalled how they told her it was no problem - only for things to change once the job actually began.

She continued:

"I started the job and discovered my manager has the week of my honeymoon booked off for a holiday and flies out on my wedding day. The full time assistant is being a bridesmaid at another wedding that day so there is no cover in the store.

"My manager said I cannot have the time off. I thought she was joking so I said 'sure, I’ll just re-arrange it for the following week then!' She said that I should make it at least a couple of weeks after HER holiday.

"I explained that it wasn’t possible to cancel my wedding and she said it was a shame I wasn’t showing my dedication to the brand and being a team player so early on in the job.

"No more has been said as she has gone off sick so it’s just me and the other assistant. I can’t do too much (paid) overtime as I’m studying so she’s being funny with me."

The bride explained that she was contacted for 15 hours a week, however she is currently doing 22.5 hours to cover - and the brand is recruiting for another part time assistant.

She said:

"So should I just hand in my week’s notice now or wait until the week of my wedding? If I leave now, the other assistant will have nobody else so there will be no cover.

"The store is open around 60 hours a week but I’ve noticed the other brands leave their counters unmanned a lot of the time where they have no staff.

"If I leave just before the wedding there will still be no cover for that weekend."

Many people took to comment on the "crazy" situation, with the general consensus being that the bride-to-be should hand in her notice (and they provided a variety of....unique ways to do it, too).

Others suggested that she get in touch with the HR people to let them know what was happening, and then to go from there.