The one top tip to remember when sending out wedding invites 4 years ago

The one top tip to remember when sending out wedding invites

Another thing to remember.

There's been a lot of wedding chat at HerFamily HQ recently as our own lovely Laura, Entertainment Ed, got married.

It's an amazingly special time but of course, there are almost always a couple of headaches along the way as many brides will tell you.

As if the venue, the meal, the type of ceremony, the guest list, the dress (we're currently crushing on this style) wasn't enough to plan, the wedding invites themselves can prove tricky.

However, we have a couple of expert tips to help with that particular bugbear, courtesy of wedding stationery company, Love Letters.

Emma tells us that there's one key thing every bride should keep in mind and that's giving guests too much time to RSVP.

This can be an issue because people tend to forget entirely about the wedding and in some cases, lose the RSVP details.


Apparently, one month is the maximum amount of time you should allow for people to reply so that you can give final numbers to the venue and get that all-important table plan printed and ready.

As Emma points out:

"Everyone knows wedding planning can be stressful anyway without having the hassle of chasing your guests to find out if they’re coming or not".

Other tips to remember include getting someone else, in addition to you and your partner, to have a look at the final choice to check for mistakes, (they can easily be missed) and ordering a couple of extra invites so you don't have to go back last-minute and order more, avoiding any unnecessary stress.

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