Bridgerton fans have just realised why Anthony gave Kate tulips 11 months ago

Bridgerton fans have just realised why Anthony gave Kate tulips

Pass the tissues.

Has anyone else binge-watched Bridgerton and is now missing it a lot?

The temptation to re-watch it is killing us.

The second season of Bridgerton landed on Netflix a couple of weeks ago, but fans are already desperate for another season.

Honestly, why can't we have 20 episodes a season? We'd happily watch them all.

Now that most fans have tuned into the show, they've started noticing some pretty sweet details about season 2.

If you've been living under a rock, the second season of Bridgerton follows Anthony Bridgerton on his quest to find the perfect wife.

But the Viscount's mission doesn't go according to plan when the Sharma sisters arrive.

After Kate's horse-riding accident, Anthony goes to visit her.


The Viscount was heartbroken when Kate wouldn't wake up after her accident and rushed to see her once news of her recovery spread.

During his visit, Anthony is spotted holding a bunch of tulips for Kate.

Eagle-eyed fans realised that the meaning behind the flowers is actually pretty special.

In season 1 of Bridgerton, Anthony's mother Violet tells him that tulips symbolise passion.

When he spots his mother embroidering, he asks who it is for.

She tells him, "This is for Daphne - tulips. They symbolise passion."

"Perhaps your bride would like some too," his mother adds.

One fan tweeted, "Started crying the moment I saw the tulips in his hand."

Another joked, "Bridgerton has raised the bar. Start courting people! Bring them tulips! Go promenade! Write them poetry! Tell them they are the bane of your existence and the object of your desire!"