Bridgerton-inspired baby names that you're bound to adore 2 months ago

Bridgerton-inspired baby names that you're bound to adore

These regal names are perfect for your little tot.

Season 2 of Bridgerton finally airs on Netflix later this month.

The beloved drama series is going to be better than ever as it focuses on Anthony Bridgerton's love life.

Before season 2 lands on Netflix, we thought we'd seek some inspiration from the show and put together a list of Bridgerton inspired names.

These monikers are timeless classics so if you're struggling to find the perfect name for your little Lord or Lady then we've got you covered.

These names are so perfect even Lady Whistledown herself would approve of them.


After the beautiful flower. This dainty name is perfect for your little girl.



If floral names are your favourites then why not opt for Violet?


By far one of the most stunning names on this list. Eloise simply means "healthy".


Anthony is a strong contender and means "priceless one".


Simon may not be appearing in season 2, but that doesn't mean the duke misses out on this list. Simone is the feminine version of his name and it's just beautiful.

Bridgerton names



Short for Charlotte and fit for a Queen. This name has got to be one of our all-time favorites.


Why not name your son after the Bridgerton brother? The name Benedict means "blessed" and it can be shortened to Ben, which is just super cute.


A strong name for your little boy. The name Colin has Scottish origins and means "people of victory".


This has become quite popular in recent years and makes an adorable name for your little tot.


Why not name your little girl after the Bridgerton leading lady? This unique name means "victory".


A name fit for royalty. William is of English origin and means "resolute-protector".


The most elegant name for your little duchess. This beautiful moniker means "woman of the race".