Brown Thomas is officially opening its Christmas shop today 9 months ago

Brown Thomas is officially opening its Christmas shop today

Although we are still clinging on to the hope of another heatwave, we can't help but feel excited about this news.

Brown Thomas is opening its Christmas shop today, stocking everything from baubles to fluffy stockings... which means one thing, the greatest season of them all is officially on the way.

Many have taken to Twitter to share that they've seen the Christmas shop being all stocked up, and while some have become disgruntled by the news, others are jumping for joy.

All of Brown Thomas' festive goods will be available in its Dublin, Cork and Limerick stores from now until the big day (which is 132 days away, FYI).

Last year, Brown Thomas buyer Edel Woods told the Irish Sun: "We get mixed reactions but we do get a lot of positive reaction as well.

"We have customers in from overseas who like to take something home with them, things they won't be able to get anywhere else.

"There's also lots of customers who do shop early for Christmas and comes in to get the best pick of decorations from the store."