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22nd Aug 2021

A café in Edinburgh is using an image of Peppa Pig to sell bacon sandwiches – and parents are not happy

Trine Jensen-Burke

Edinburgh café is using Peppa Pig image to sell bacon sandwiches

Let’s just say opinions are divided.

Millions of children across the globe are (as many of us parents are painfully aware of) rather obsessed with Peppa Pig.

Which is no doubt why a cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland, has divided opinion after using a picture of the popular cartoon character to advertise their bacon sandwiches.

According to local news site Edinburgh Live, Gordon Street Coffee upset some locals after using a hand drawn picture of Peppa on a sandwich board displayed outside their premises.

The drawing shows Peppa’s head with a ‘+’ sign and a drawing of bread = a happy face.

The board immediately started drawing the attention of locals, but perhaps, according to Edinburgh Live, for all the wrong reasons.

“That’s going to make a lot of children question food. I support that but damn this is pretty sick,” Edinburgh Live quoted one enraged commenter on social media.

“Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting. My kids would be absolutely traumatised if they saw that sign, it’s really not funny,” another parent reportedly added.

But while some found the sign insensitive, others (no doubts parents themselves) shared their appreciation for the cafe’s humour, saying they too wanted to turn Peppa into bacon after enduring one-too-many episodes.

“I’m a vegetarian but I’d eat a bacon sandwich if it was made from Peppa Pig. Such a horrible role model for children,” one Twitter user admitted.

“This sounds like my kind of place,” added another. “When you have kids you’ll understand [Face with tears of joy] I’d savour every moment of a Peppa pig bacon sandwich!!!,” joked another.