Parents slated after leaving their children, aged 3 and 9, in car on hot day 2 months ago

Parents slated after leaving their children, aged 3 and 9, in car on hot day

The parents claim they did nothing wrong.

Parents have been called out after they left their children, aged 3 and 9, in their car on a hot day.

The parents, from Georgia, have been accused of neglecting their children.

Both parents have been charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct after the incident.

According to reports, the parents left their children in their car outside an Aldi store in America.

Officers confirmed it was 82 degrees Fahrenheit when they left their children.

Experts have said leaving a child in a vehicle in this weather is extremely dangerous.

The parents turned the car off, closed all the windows, and left one of their phones with their children.

The parents claimed the vehicle was cold when they parked at the store.


They were inside the Georgia store for around 20 minutes.

Luckily, a shop employee helped the children.

They alerted the authorities about the children after becoming concerned for their safety.

When emergency services reached the scene, the car was 123 degrees inside.

The young kids were sweating profusely when they were removed from the car.

Officers say they were saved in "the nick of time".

The children's parents Dhananjayan and Pallavarajan said they don't believe they did anything wrong.

They have placed the blame on their 9-year-old son.

They stressed that he should've called him if they were getting too hot, but he didn't.

He said, "We didn’t do anything intentionally. We don’t want to hurt our [children].”