'We’re so quick to be stoic' - Carl Mullan on the importance of talking about baby loss 4 months ago

'We’re so quick to be stoic' - Carl Mullan on the importance of talking about baby loss

"We're so quick to be stoic"

Carl Mullan has spoken out about the miscarriage his wife Aisling suffered before her current pregnancy. The Dancing with the Stars champion bravely discussed their loss in an interview with The Irish Independent.

The dad said they were both so surprised by how many people reached out to them after they shared the harrowing news.

He said, "It was tough but we found that saying it out loud how common it was and how many people have gone through it.

The radio presenter stressed how important it is to talk about miscarriage and baby loss.

"We’re so quick to be stoic and put on a brave face. But it’s also OK to let yourself be upset about something. Let yourself go through the process of it."

Carl confirmed Aisling suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.


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As heartbroken as they were, the couple said they won't give up on expanding their family. Just three weeks ago, Carl and Aisling revealed she was pregnant.


"A bit of news friends… in the midst of all the madness of the last few months, we felt we needed a little more of it just for the craic.

"We have a new little brother/sister on the way for Daibhí and Angie this summer.

"So you know how I said Ais was absolutely incredible the whole way through dancing with the stars? Holding down a full-time job, keeping the house running, and generally just looking after the entire family?

"Well, she was doing it all whilst expecting as well. I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful to her," Carl wrote.


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