CCTV shows baby being left unaccompanied on moving train 6 months ago

CCTV shows baby being left unaccompanied on moving train

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority have released footage of a baby being left alone on a train.

The baby can be seen in a car seat as the train leaves the platform.

The child's father was still standing on the platform at the time the train departed.

The frightening footage, which was captured last month, was only released to the general public yesterday.

The baby was brought onto the train in a carrier just before 10:45 am, while the train was stopped at Louis Stokes/Windmere station.

Moments after setting the child down on a seat, the baby's father exits the train to smoke on the platform.

A fellow passenger on the train can be seen trying to warn the father that the doors were closing but he can't return to his child in time.

The train leaves the station with the baby, while their father panics on the platform.

According to ABC7 News the baby was taken off the train at Superior Rapid and was looked after by operations staff and Transit Police.

It takes only minutes for the train to arrive at each station and the baby was quickly returned safely to their father.