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21st Sep 2016

THAT Celebrity Split: Why Are We SO Fascinated?

The news of the breakup of the world’s two hottest people left us reeling yesterday. I am disgusted with myself over my interest in someone else’s impending divorce. But I don’t think I am alone.

Are celebrities fair game when it comes to their personal life because they have put themselves out there? Or is this just a dangerous obsession where we view the famous as simply characters in a play of life.

Staying updated with the daily occurrences of celebrity life has never been easier with updates, pictures, and the latest news at our fingertips 24/7, fueling our infatuation with fame. Since the news broke yesterday of the split of ‘Brangelina,’ the internet has blown up with various versions of what happened, why it happened and what will happen.



So what’s new today? According to TMZ, Brad Pitt is “furious” at Angelina for allegedly spinning stories that he poses a risk to their kids because of anger issues and other unseemly habits. The Benjamin Button actor is believed to have been blind-sided by Angelina’s divorce announcement yesterday. The actress filed papers citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. She is seeking physical custody of the couple’s six children. The Daily Mail reports that a source close to the couple says that Angelina Jolie made the decision to file for divorce because of their differences in parenting, adding she was upset with his methods and she had been unhappy for some time.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began dating in 2005 after they met on the set of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He subsequently broke up with wife, Jennifer Aniston, who starred in the television show, Friends. Today Page Six reports that Angelina was concerned that Brad was cheating on her with co-star Marion Cotillard on the set of their latest film, Allied. Angelina is being represented by celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser and is not asking for spousal support. The last time the couple were photographed together on the red carpet was almost a year ago while promoting their film By The Sea.

Jolie is alleged to have told a friend that Brad is the love of her life and the decision has weighed heavy on her heart. Perhaps they are just ON A BREAK?


It seems good or bad, we can’t get enough of these mythical, star-studded creatures.  We seem to view celebrities as superior and other-worldly. We focus on what they eat and then try to emulate. We try to buy what they buy and wear what they wear. As much as we admire their beauty, cash, and status, over here from our safe distance, some of us also pick apart their flaws, their weight gain, and even their weight loss.

It’s one endless zig-zag of jealousy and disgust, wanting to be just like them and yet slamming their every move. Not everyone does it, of course, but maybe it is time to look at the side-effects of this fixation. And what happens when celebrities ‘just like us’ make actual human errors.

Are you guilty of celebrity obsession? Why do we care so much? Let us know your thoughts!