CF 'miracle drug' will now be available to children from six years old 2 years ago

CF 'miracle drug' will now be available to children from six years old

The pharmaceutical firm has received EU approval.

The company behind the cystic fibrosis drug, Orkambi, says that it has been given the green light to treat children between the ages of six and 11.

Vertex had previously been licensed for CF patients over the age of 12 but can now be used to treat children as young as six.

After ongoing calls from parents of CF children, the HSE finally agreed to make Orkambi available to the younger age group after negotiating an agreeable price with the pharmaceutical firm.

Vertex now says they are committed to ensuring the drug will become available to all children who need it.

“The innovative long-term agreements we have reached in countries like Ireland will enable eligible children to have rapid access to Orkambi,” senior vice president and international general manager Simon Bedson said of the move.

“Where these agreements are not in place, Vertex is committed to working with local authorities so those who could benefit from this medicine are able to do so as quickly as possible.”

In Ireland, the chronic disease affects around 1,200 people with around 45 percent of them being under the age of 18.