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08th Jun 2022

Cheryl disappointed in Liam Payne after revealing private child birth details

Kat O'Connor

The Fight For This Love singer is not happy with Payne.

Cheryl is reportedly disappointed in her ex-partner Liam Payne.

The One Direction star has come under fire over a recent interview.

Payne claimed their son Bear “ruined” his relationship with the Girls Aloud singer.

He also shared that Cheryl hemorrhaged badly after giving birth to her son Bear.

She is reportedly furious that he revealed such private details about her life.

Speaking to Closer, the source said: “She was quite shocked and disappointed about Liam’s oversharing interview.”

She was not impressed with the singer “giving away extremely personal info about her”.

The mum prefers to keep her personal life private, but Payne shared so many details about her without even asking.

“She’s chatted some things through with him since, hoping to re-establish their privacy boundaries”.

She is now considering whether or not Payne is fit enough to make decisions for his son.

Payne faced major backlash after his interview with Logan Paul.

It is believed both fans and loved ones are concerned about the One Direction singer.

However, Cheryl is shocked by his behaviour.

During the interview, Payne revealed: “[Cheryl] hemorrhaged quite badly in birth so she was asleep the whole day, so the first 24 hours of his life, I was 23 with a baby in a room.

“I had to take care of him and I didn’t have any babysitters or anything, but it was very fun.”

Payne also claimed that having a baby together ruined their relationship.

“We broke up for a reason and now she gives me full autonomy of my life and to do what I do and I know he’s [Bear’s] taken care of.”

“To be honest with you, it ruined a relationship at that point but for all the right reasons.”

Their son Bear is now 5-years-old.