Child and Family Relationships Act 2015 brought into law for female same-sex couples 2 years ago

Child and Family Relationships Act 2015 brought into law for female same-sex couples

The Act was brought into law this week.

As of this week The Children and Families Relationship Act has been brought into law which will see some same-sex female parents both be recognized on their child's birth certificate.

The new law will allows women whose children were born as a result of a Donor Assisted Human Reproduction (DAHR) procedure, to register with the Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages, as parents.

While the new law is great news for some same-sex couples, many other LGBT families will not be included.

Some LGBT families that will be excluded are:
•Same Sex Dads
•At Home Inseminations
•Those who have used a known donor
•Reciprocal IVF
•Treatment Abroad
•Children Born Abroad

For those who are included in the new law from this week on they will have to prove that their DAHR procedure took place in a DAHR facility in Ireland using a traceable sperm donor.


While many celebrate the new law, for those left behind, there is still a long way to go before they have equal rights.

Equality for Children recently shared a post to social media regarding the Act and more importantly those who do not fall under it;

"A huge number of our LGBT+ families are still left behind- and we will not stop fighting until every child is treated equally. No more and no less."

For those looking for more information on the Child and Family Relationships Act 2015 LGBT Ireland have created a FAQ sheet but if your queries can not be answered through the FAQ sheet you can contact  FLAC on Lo-Call 1890 350 250 or 01-8745690 or if you are in need of emotional support you can call the National LGBT Helpline on Lo-Call 1890 929 539 or chat online at