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14th Jul 2021

Childminder left a note saying 3-year-old drowned in the bath and ran

The suspect fled the scene and failed to call paramedics.

One mum was left horrified when she returned home to find a note from her babysitter, telling her that her 3-year-old son had drowned.

25-year-old Joshua Manns was babysitting the unnamed mum’s child in June.

It is believed the mum received a call from her babysitter who had urged her to come home as there had been an accident.

The mum rushed back to her Florida home to find her son dead. The babysitter was nowhere to be seen and he didn’t even call emergency services.

According to reports, the babysitter claimed 3-year-old Jameson had a seizure in the bath which caused him to drown. However, medical records proved he was lying.

The infant had week-old injuries including broken ribs, brain swelling, and stab wounds to the head. Detectives also discovered his previous medical history was full of suspicious injuries.

Jameson had broken his leg twice and his staff at his daycare even noticed burns on his arms.

His cause of death was ruled as battered child syndrome.

Manns may have fled the scene, but police eventually located the suspect after two weeks. He was found en route to West Virginia, where he was born.

He was charged with first-degree murder, as well as abuse and neglect charges.