Children in the UK will soon get consent education from age 4 3 years ago

Children in the UK will soon get consent education from age 4

Children starting school in the UK will get consent classes in a new update to sex education.

Kids from as young as four years of age will learn what consent means and about respecting 'boundaries' in an age-appropriate was, the British Department of Education has said.

They'll also learn about forming relationships in a respectful way both in real life and online, reports The Independent.

Secondary school pupils will also get new lessons on sex, consent, harassment and abuse.

"It’s vital that every child knows about their rights and that nothing should happen to them without their consent," said UK Education Secretary Damian Hinds.


"This new guidance will ensure lessons teach children and young people how to recognise when someone else has not given consent and more importantly why they should not to put pressure on someone else to do something they don’t want to."

Consent and the role of schools in providing sex education have been hot topics in recent times.

In Ireland, consent classes will be introduced for secondary school students later this year as part of an update to sex education.

Education Minister Richard Bruton said that he has asked the National Council on Curriculum and Assessment to look at a number of key areas including consent, contraception, healthy relationships, social media and the internet and LGBTQ+ matters.