Children's channel plans new series about different faiths and cultures 5 years ago

Children's channel plans new series about different faiths and cultures

Children's television channel CBeebies have commissioned two series of a brand new show that aims to explore the values common to different faiths and cultures.
The new programme, titled Treasure Champs, will be aimed at older preschoolers, and follow the adventures of two animated characters, who explore a different value in each episode. Using a combination of faith-based stories, silly songs and heart-warming real-life examples featuring children, the BBC says the characters will introduce values to young audience in a fun and relatable way.
The channel's controller, Kay Benbow, says the new series has an important place in today's society,
"Championing positive, common values has become increasingly important, both in society and education, and we hope our young viewers will find Treasure Champs to be both informative and inspirational."

The producers of other popular CBeebies shows Mr Bloom's Nursery, Swashbuckle, and Mister Maker's Arty Party, are behind the inclusive new programme,

"At the heart of the series is the idea that we are different but the same. We want to emphasise the positive values that unite us all and hopefully encourage kids to want to be Treasure Champs regardless of their background or beliefs.

These concepts can often be quite difficult for young children to grasp so we're aiming to make the shows simple, entertaining and above all fun."

The BBC have said that both series will air next year. Perhaps the producers could give President Trump an earlier screening?


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