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03rd Dec 2018

This Christmas tree has a mini village in it and it’s the definition of tree goals

Melissa Carton

How amazing is this tree?

I still have to put up my Christmas tree and had mad notions about doing a spectacular tree this year but absolutely nothing is beating this tree!

The family who created this tree have serious game and it is the definition of tree goals.

And yes, that is an entire Christmas village inside of it.

Complete with a working train set, lights, sounds and a Santa making his ascent, this is one show stopper of a Christmas tree.

Originally posted by Cindy Massey it was shared on Facebook by media website VT, and has since amassed 14,000 comments from people all in awe of this amazing crann nollaig.

“OMG! This is Christmas tree GOALS!”

“Someone has a great imagination and talent, too. This tree is the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Aw yeah I think that is so adorable, cute, awesomely amazingly wonderfully creative and beautiful to me! I’m loving it!”

I don’t think my tree will ever live up to this but in true Irish fashion I did notice that something was missing from their Christmas décor.

Where’s the tinsel?

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