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28th Sep 2023

Warning to parents after teenager dies from chroming challenge

Kat O'Connor

A warning has been issued to parents following the death of a teenager in Ireland.

Sarah Mescall sadly passed away after attempting a TikTok challenge known as ‘chroming’.

Sarah, who died on September 25th, was admitted to the hospital after inhaling an aerosol.

She reportedly viewed the challenge in a TikTok video, but parents are being urged to monitor the content their children are viewing online.

But what exactly is chroming?

Chroming is a type of substance abuse that involves the inhalation of solvents like deodorant to get high.

Medical experts are increasingly concerned about the trend as it has grown in popularity with teens.

The problem with chroming is how easy it is for youths to access things like deodorant or other household items.

Parents have been warned that children are using things like shoe polish, dry shampoo, and even air fresheners.

They have been advised to beware of the side effects of chroming.

Side Effects

Parents should look out for drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, or giddiness.

They should also note that it can cause vomiting, ringing in the ears, loss of inhibition as well as clumsiness.

People may also feel more relaxed or even more on edge.