What is chroming? Mum issues warning after daughter dies from dangerous trend 1 month ago

What is chroming? Mum issues warning after daughter dies from dangerous trend

She found her teenage daughter's body in her bedroom.

A mum has issued a warning after her daughter died from chroming deodorant.

Anne Ryan found her 16-year-old daughter's body in her bedroom in their New South Wales home.

She explained that there was a can of deodorant and a towel under her daughter Brooke's body.

It is believed her daughter was sniffing aerosols.

Her mother is sharing her story with the hope of warning parents about chroming.

But what exactly is it?

Chroming is a type of substance abuse that involves the inhalation of solvents like deodorant to get high.

Medical experts are increasingly concerned about the trend as it has grown in popularity with teens.


Brooke's mother told The Syndey Morning Herald that every day is a nightmare.

“She was a beautiful girl with a heart of gold, who’s just so sorely missed."

She said her daughter would be "absolutely devastated to know the negative impact she’s had on so many people from her death."

“I wake up, I think of her, I go to sleep and think of her, and you wish, you wish [you could bring her back], but you just can’t,”

Brooke's mother believes she died from sudden sniffing death syndrome. This is a common side effect of using inhalants.

The problem with chroming is how easy it is for youths to access things like deodorant or other household items.

Parents have been warned that children are using things like shoe polish, dry shampoo, and even air freshener.

They have been advised to beware of the side effects of chroming.

Side Effects

Parents should look out for drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, or giddiness.

They should also note that it can cause vomiting, ringing in the ears, loss of inhibition as well as clumsiness.

People may also feel more relaxed or even more on edge.

Brooke's mother has urged all parents to be vigilant because she had no idea her daughter was inhaling aerosols.