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20th Mar 2020

CJ Fallon and Edco now providing free access to their books until end of term

Melissa Carton

This is brilliant!

In the last week, teachers, students and parents have had to drastically change how they teach and learn as all schools have now shut for the foreseeable future.

Last week I wrote about some resources suggested by teacher Sinead Kavanagh but now I’m delighted to share even more good news as text book providers CJ Fallon and Edco are now providing free access to its books until the end of school term.

To help teachers, students and parents during the self isolation period of COVID-19 the publisher CJ Fallon will be making all of their online content freely accessible until the end of this school term.

As a parent I was absolutely delighted when I saw this and I don’t know if this information was automatically emailed out to schools but I’ll definitely be sending it on to my child’s teacher.

Another great resource providing free access to its books and resources is Edco, The Educational Company of Ireland.

Their online books and papers can be read through all devices including computers and tablets, making learning easier than ever.

The books and exam papers will be to all students and are available at primary school, junior cert and leaving cert level.

Right now is a particularly difficult time for parents, teachers and students alike, especially for those who are in exam years at school.

I know even for my own child he is already missing his classmates and teacher and as of yet it is still unclear when schools across Ireland will reopen.

With all this in mind it’s fantastic to see so many companies and individuals band together to help make life a little easier as many of us have never home schooled before and will take all the help we can get.

I’ll keep you all updated on any other helpful sites and free sources I come across in the meantime.