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26th Oct 2021

“We all need her home”: Cleo Smith’s mum says she had nothing to do with daughter’s abduction

Kat O'Connor

“How could someone take my child?”

The mother of the missing 4-year-old Cleo Smith has issued a desperate plea to the public.

Her daughter has now been missing for over a week.

The mum begged whoever took her daughter to let her come home.

She wrote, “We all need her home. Where are you baby?” on Instagram this weekend.

Ellie added, “Any information, big or small. Find my little girl.”

The mum recently responded to claims she was involved in her daughter’s abduction. Trolls accused both her and her partner of being involved in Cleo’s disappearance.

She shut down the allegations and said they were “absolutely disgusting”.

The heartbroken mum told Seven’s Flashpoint in Australia, “No way – we love our daughter and want her home.

“I can’t imagine what that feels like for someone … if they’ve got kids, they know what it feels like to be a parent and there is no way that either myself or Jake could’ve done anything to hurt our daughter,” the mum added.


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“She’s been taken from our family, from somewhere she’s meant to feel safe,” Smith said.

The mum realised her daughter was missing in the early hours of October 16th. Cleo and her sleeping bag were both missing from their family tent.

“I remember thinking, how did someone come into that tent and take Cleo?” Ms Smith shared.

“How could someone feel that they could do that to someone, how could someone take my child? My gut just felt sick. I would never wish anyone to wake up and feel that feeling that went through me. I couldn’t explain that to you.”

Detectives have offered a $1 million reward for anyone with information about Cleo’s whereabouts.

The team investigating her disappearance do believe she was abducted.

They are currently investigating CCTV footage of a car which was spotted near the Blowholes Campsite in Carnarvon. It is believed the car was near the campsite at the time of Cleo’s abduction.