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04th Nov 2021

Suspect in Cleo Smith abduction taken to hospital after inmates attack him

This is the second time he has been hospitalised since his arrest.

The 36-year-old man who is being questioned about the abduction of Cleo Smith has been taken to hospital.

It is believed the suspect was attacked by other inmates in a holding cell.

He has suffered head injuries, according to reports.

Police Minister Paul Papalia said that he will likely be charged today, although the charges have yet to be disclosed to the public.

This is the second time the suspect has been taken to the hospital since his arrest on November 3rd.

He was also taken to hospital for self-inflicted injuries, but they are not life-threatening.

Police believe the man acted alone and “spontaneously”. Neighbours have described the man as a “quiet guy” and a “bit of an oddball”.

4-year-old Cleo Smith was found in a locked house in Carnarvon. She was rescued by police officers on November 3rd at 1 am.

Cleo was awake and playing with toys when they found her in one of the rooms.

The suspect was spotted buying nappies earlier in the week, reports claim. It is believed the police receive a tip-off before entering the house on November 3rd.

The suspect was not at the property at the time of Cleo’s rescue.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan told reporters Cleo was “well-adjusted” considering everything she had been through.

“She has done a bit of sleeping and a lot of eating, a lot of lying around and cuddling,” McGowan shared.

Cleo’s mum said their family is whole again after they were reunited with their daughter.

Cleo went missing from the Blowholes campsite on October 16th. Her mum woke up in the early hours of the morning to find that Cleo and her sleeping bag were no longer in the tent.

Cleo was missing for 18 days.