Cockapoo Rescues Five-Year-Old Boy From Tumble Dryer 6 years ago

Cockapoo Rescues Five-Year-Old Boy From Tumble Dryer

In Co Down, a two-year-old cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle cross) called Teddy has been declared a hero after she saved five-year-old Riley Duffy from an active tumble dryer.

Riley, who has Down Syndrome, locked himself inside the dryer while his mum was hoovering. Teddy, immediately sensing danger, began to bark loudly causing mum Gillian to rush downstairs to find out what was going on. It wasn't long before the horrified mum discovered her little boy going around and around in the tumble dryer.

Thanks to Teddy's actions, Gillian was able to stop the machine and immediately call an ambulance. Brave Riley, who suffered burns to his head, back, and arms, was brought to the Ulster Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

Dad Aaron, told The Irish Times that his son is doing well and getting back to his old self. Thanking ambulance and medical staff, Riley's Dad warned of the dangers posed by tumble dryers:

"You read about these things happening but, this happened in our house and I just want other parents to be aware. We have a bigger than usual tumble dryer because there are six of us in the house and we have lots of laundry. It’s not an old model or anything but by just turning the dial and closing the door that triggers it to start. It angers me really, when I think about could have happened. Kids have suffocated and the heat drawing the air could have killed Riley quicker."


Incredibly, this was the second time that Teddy saved the day:

"Only for our dog reacting the way she did, my wife would not have known something. The dog alerted us that an iPhone charger was catching fire. She’s a brilliant dog, it is amazing."

Well done Super Teddy!

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